5 Star Builders, Inc. of WPB has been building superior equestrian facilities for many years in Southeast Florida.  Specializing in the ultimate equestrian properties, they are “the” premier builder in this field.  For many years, 5 Star Builders, Inc. of WPB has been building and realizing dreams that have become architectural landmarks.


Using their expertise, their imaginative perception, co-joined with high specifications to cater to your personal vision, 5 Star Builders, Inc. of WPB has over 76 years experience creating the most acclaimed equestrian facilities.  Your personal requirements are their forte.  When you see anything constructed by them, you will instantly recognize the high standards and beauty built into each one.  Attention to detail is paramount and any close inspection can reveal a wealth of great taste to the defining eye.


Where yesterday’s value meets today’s demands, 5 Star Builders, Inc. of WPB is happy to build to your specification or for you to choose from their array of fine designs.  They offer a job well done, on time and under budget with not only a warranty but future maintenance, repairs and any future expansion.  5 Star Builders, Inc. of WPB will make your dreams a reality.  Please contact Tim Williamson at (561) 795-1282 in order to schedule a meeting.